Introducing 《井底之挖》 - 最新的 podcast from MianbaoFM!
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Introducing 《井底之挖》 - 最新的 podcast from MianbaoFM!

The Mianbao team is back and better than ever! We’ve got a new podcast that we are super excited about. It’s called 井底之挖, like the old Frog in the Well proverb, but with the 青蛙的蛙 changed to 挖掘的挖。 It’s a deep-dive podcast co-hosted by Old Man 面包 Brad Johnson and his good buddy Jason Liu.

PS We've moved to a new awesome podcast host ( shoutout!), got ourselves a new show website, and formed a new podcast network with some cool people! More is on the way soon!

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[00:00] 新节目!New Show!

[01:20] 井底之挖 预告片 Trailer

[01:54] 刺激青蛙故事!Action-packed frog story!

[03:36] 什么是井底之挖?What's the new show all about?

[06:24] 介绍超棒的中文播客播放器!The best kept secret in the world of Chinese podcasts:

小宇宙 XiaoYuZhou (Little Universe)

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